RBC Kits F4D-1 Skyray

My "Ford" was built from the RBC kit, and is painted in the color scheme of VF-102 at the time they were operating from USS Forrestal in the mid-50s. The covering is my usual glass cloth and epoxy, and all markings were painted with enamel paints, using hand-cut frisket masks. The fan unit is a WeMoTec MiniFan 480.  The original power system was a Plettenburg HP-200-20-6 motor on 10 X 800AR cells.  In 2004 I upgraded the power to a Mega 16/15/3 on 12 X 1950FAUP cells.  This pushed level flight speed to close to 100 MPH, and vertical maneuvers are astounding.   After 10 years of flying, this airplane remains one of my favorites. 


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