Yes, I finally broke down and bought an ARF. But what an ARF! I spotted the Sokol (Russian for "Falcon") at the Toledo show in Alex Larionov's Star Flight booth. Alex told me the little racers were being produced by aerospace workers in Ukraine. The finish and quality was outstanding, and the price was far less than I'd expected. When the "kit" arrived, I found that Alex had not exaggerated about the degree of pre-fabrication; even the mounting screws for the wing and stab were already drilled and tapped! Literally the only assembly work required was gluing in the fiberglass motor mount and installing the elevator pushrod. In a single evening, the radio was installed and it was ready to fly.

I've been flying the Sokol with a 6V Speed 400 motor, CAM 4.7 X 4.7 racing prop and 8 X 500AR battery. It's not exactly race legal, but it sure is fun! The performance really is out of this world, and the Sokol flies like it's on rails. I have a feeling Alex is going to be selling a lot of these.




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