Buying and Using an Airbrush

Jim Ryan

One of the most useful finishing tools the scale modeler can own is a good airbrush. While some modelers (especially giant scale enthusiasts) prefer automotive detail guns for painting their creations, nothing else quite matches the pin-point control and convenience of a good quality airbrush. A good airbrush is light, easy to handle, and quick to clean up.

1. Types of Brushes:

There are two general ways of grouping airbrushes into classes: They're either external or internal mix, and the paint metering is either single- or double-action. Here's what these terms mean:

External Mix: Liquid paint is introduced into the compressed air stream outside the tip of the brush. In general, this type of brush is considered faster to clean, but it requires careful adjustment and doesn't tend to produce as fine a pattern as an internal-mix brush.

Internal Mix: Paint is mixed with air in an internal plenum in the brush. Because of the multiple air jets and the internal mixing, the paint is usually more fully atomized, resulting in a finer, tighter spray pattern. I also find this type of brush easier to assemble, in that it's essentially self-adjusting.

Single-Action: The air valve is simply depressed to release air, and the resulting venturi effect at the tip draws paint from the mixing cup or jar. Adjusting the paint flow, if possible at all, has to be set between shots.

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Generally speaking (there are exceptions to every rule), the cheapest models are single-action/external mix, and the best units are double-action/internal mix. Photos 1 and 2 show examples of both types.

2. Air Sources:

Of course, you can't use an airbrush without air, so I'd like to take a moment to touch on some compressed air sources: One of the simplest and cheapest air sources is a large spare tire, with an appropriate valve to mate with your airbrush's air line. A similar option is a compressed air bubble. The weakness of both these options is th