Powerplant Options:

All my small warbirds were originally designed to fly well with stock direct drive Speed 400 powerplants on NiCad or NiMH cells.  Obviously, electric power systems have advanced a great deal in the 20+ years since the Hellcat prototype first took to the skies.  While the humble Speed 400 works as well now as it ever did, affordable brushless systems and lightweight lithium polymer cells have largely taken over the electric flight world. 

Today there are simply too many possible power systems to cover them all in this or any other single document.  So what follows here is a general overview and some tips for selecting a suitable power system for your model.  Please bear in mind these comments are one man's opinion, and I know some modelers may prefer systems very different from what I'm outlining here. 

General Guidelines: In my opinion, the "optimum" power system for my warbirds turns an APC 7 X 5E (my preferred prop) at about 11,000 RPM.  I know some builders have installed far higher power, and certainly it's possible to fly these models with far less power as well (the original Hellcat flew on a 6V motor and 6 X 600AE cells!).  But with an APC 7 X 5E, I think 11,000 RPM is just about perfect - most of the flight can be at 1/2 to 2/3 throttle, and you have a generous power reserve for launching, vertical maneuvers and high-speed passes.

While some modelers have used larger props than the 7 X 5E, this can raise the issue of torque effects during the hand launch, and since these models generally don't have rudder control, that can make for some interesting moments at the start of a flight. 

Given these guidelines, your task is to select a motor that will turn an APC 7 X 5E at 11,000 RPM using  your chosen battery pack.  This is accomplished by selecting a motor with the correct Kv (voltage constant) for your application.  A performance prediction program like ElectriCalc can come in very handy here, but here are some approximate numbers for three different battery options:

2200-2S LiPo Battery:  2000 Kv (range from 1800 to 2200). 

2200-3S LiPo:  1250 Kv (range from 1100 to 1400).

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