F-86 Saberjet

This F-86 was built from Scott Black's outstanding kit.  The fuselage is very light molded fiberglass, the wings are foam cores sheeted with 1/32 balsa, and the full-flying stabilizer halves are carved from balsa.  All wood surfaces were glassed with .56 ounce fiberglass cloth, and the natural metal color was applied with Krylon "Dull Aluminum".  All markings were applied with an airbrush using Testor's Model Masters paints. 

The power system is a Mega 22/20/3 brushless motor mounted in a WeMoTec 609 ducted fan unit.  The controller is a Castle Creations Phoenix-65.  Early flights were conducted with 16 X 1950FAUP cells, and the aircraft is currently being upgraded to LiPo power. 

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