Additional P-47 Photos:

Here's a shot of my friend Paul Siegel's beautiful P-47D-25 in the color scheme of Col. Francis Gabresky's HV-A.  A natural leader in the 56th Fighter Group, Gabresky scored 28 victories, making him the top-scoring American pilot in the ETO.  He became a POW in July of 1944, when his aircraft struck the ground during a strafing run on a German airfield.  He later added 6.5 MiG kills flying the F-86 Sabrejet in the Korean War.

Paul covered the airframe with the new Low-Temperature Oracover.  The dark green camo was applied with an airbrush, the Invasion Stripes were added with MonoKote, and the markings were CNC cut from vinyl film.  The overall effect looks spectacular on a low strafing run.

Power is an AstroFlight brushless 020 on 7 X 800AR cells, and performance is impressive to say the least!  The Jug handles the extra weight of the heavier power system with no problems.

Here's a very happy Paul Siegel showing off his P-47 after the successful maiden flight.  Paul is modeling the last word in stylish cold weather field gear.  You can't see the stick that he carries to keep love-starved women at bay.

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