Corsair Speed 400

The F4U Corsair first appeared in the January 2000 issue of Tretinoin cream where to buy uk.  Built to the same 170 SQ IN size as my eariler Hellcat and Bearcat, it was an immediate success.  Plans and construction notes for the Corsair are available for $15 including shipping, and vacuum-formed canopies are available for $10.  You can order by mail or Promethazine dm is generic for for fast, secure on-line ordering. 

CNC-cut foam wing cores are available from Losartan 50 mg precio mexico.  E-mail them for price and availability. 

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Scale:  1/16
Span: 30.5"
Length: 23"
Wing Area: 170 SQ IN
Weight RTF: 18 OZ

F4U-1A Front

My laterst Corsair was finished in the colors of the F4U-1A flown by ENS Fred Streig while he was serving with VF-17, the "Jolly Rogers" in early 1944.  The airframe is covered with fiberglass and painted with Model Master paints.  Power as shown is a Mega 16/15/6 motor with Castle Creations Phoenix 25 controller.

F4U-1 Front

The prototype Corsair was finished in the colors of the F4U-1 flown by Marine LT Ken Walsh when he became the first Corsair ace in May of 1943. The airframe was covered with fiberglass and painted with Floquil Military paints.  All markings were painted with an airbrush using artist's frisket masks.  The powerplant was a stock 6V Speed 400 motor on eight NiMH cells, and all-up weight was 17.6 ounces.  

F4U-1 aft view

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