Rare Bear Speed 400
Given the outstanding performance of my first Bearcat, I just had to build a second airframe as Rare Bear, one of the most successful racers in the history of Reno racing.  Modifications consisted of adding the aerodynamic tail cone, forming a low-profile canopy and clipping the wing tips.  Plans and construction notes are available for $20 including shipping, and vacuum-formed canopies are available for $10
.  You can order by mail or click here for fast, convenient on-line ordering. 

CNC-cut foam wing cores are available from FlyingFoam.com.  E-mail them for price and availability.

As a special order, we now have available the AeroShell and Rare Bear decals.  There were specially prepared by ModelGraphics, and cost $15 per set.

Add to Cart Scale:  1/14
Span: 27"
Length: 24"
Wing Area: 154 SQ IN
Weight RTF: 18 OZ

My Rare Bear Reno racer was modified from a production F8F-1 Bearcat kit. The model was powered by an AstroFlight brushless 020 motor and 7 X 700AR cells. Covering was white and metallic gold Ultracoat.  All up weight was slightly over 20 ounces with the larger battery, and performance bordered on hair-raising!

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