Covering with Silkspan

Jim Ryan

Introduction: Over the last 25 years, the choices of covering materials for R/C models have expanded steadily. So why is it that some "old timers" still cover models with old-fashioned silkspan? Well I'm not exactly an old timer, but I can think of four reasons. Covering with silkspan is: 1) easy, 2) cheap, 3) fun, and 4) beautiful! Silkspan is lightweight, accepts nearly all paints readily, and will never ever sag, bubble or wrinkle. It goes on just as easily over either sheeted structures or open framework, and even repairs are a snap.

While generally used on smaller models like Old Timers, 1/2A glow and small electrics, silkspan is also an excellent surface prep for sheeted surfaces even on giant scale warbirds. It's an excellent choice for applications like simulating fabric-covered control surfaces. Be forewarned though, silkspan is easier to tear or puncture than most modern coverings, but it's also extremely light.

Please note that the nitrate dope used for applying the silkspan is not fuel-proof. If the model is going to be exposed to fuel, you'll have to use a fuel-proof paint like butyrate dope, epoxy, polyurethane etc. over the nitrate. For electrics or gliders, you can use whatever you like for the color coats. Another nice technique is to color the silkspan with household dye before applying it. The options are almost endless.

1. Materials: The required materials include: sheets of silkspan (for all but the smallest models, I use medium or heavy material), nitrate (not butyrate) dope, dope thinner, water, 2 or 3 brushes, talcum powder, 240 and 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper.

2. Surface Prep: After finish sanding the airframe and removing all dust, brush 2 to 3 coats of 20% thinned nitrate dope on all surfaces that will contact the covering. Sand the airframe lightly with 240 sandpaper between coats. You want a reasonably water-proof seal so the balsa will resist warping when you apply the wet silkspan.

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