CH-47 Chinook

In 2007 I became interested in helicopters, and in typical fashion, I no sooner mastered the basics of flying one than I started looking for a military scale subject. Having read an article on control systems for tandem-rotor helicopters, I set out to design a CH-47 Chinook (nothing like jumping in the deep end of the pool). The design was featured in the Winter 2008 issue of Air Age's RC Helicopter Magazine.

This has been one of the most rewarding projects of my aeromodeling career. The Chinook is challenging to fly, but it looks terrific in the air.

UPDATE: The CH-47 body is no longer available for online ordering. I'm leaving these pages up for reference for modelers currently working on this build. Please contact me with any questions.

Click here for assembly notes for the heli mechanics.
Canada drug pharmacy wichita kansas for assembly notes for the body shells.
Click here for tips on assembling the engine pods.

Scale: 1/24
Rotor Span: 25.4"
Body Length: 25.6"
Weight RTF: 40 OZ

Here's the Chinook ready for another sortie. The 'Hook is a modest-sized and affordable project, but it's a little more challenging to fly than most conventional tailrotor helicopters. The complex drive train is also targeted toward more experienced builders.

Here's the CH-47 on an early test flight. Note the characteristic nose-high attitude in hover. The Chinook was designed this way so that it would assume a level attitude in cruising flight, making for a more comfortable ride for the crew and passengers.

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