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Welcome to RyanAircraft.net.  This site offers plans, plastic canopies and other accessories for my electric warbirds and other original designs.  All my scale models were originally designed for simple and inexpensive Speed 400 motors and NiCad cells, and they'll fly even better with today's more efficient brushless systems and 2 or 3-cell Lipo batteries. 

Foam wing cores for my designs are available from EurekaAircraft.com.  Simply e-mail them to request a quote for the design of your choice; they already have the geometry and specs required. 

Thanks for your interest in my designs,
Jim Ryan

F6F Hellcat   Originally designed in 1995, my first electric warbird design is a model of the most successful US Navy fighter of WWII.  The model has an accurate scale outline and docile flight characteristics.

F8F Bearcat   This model of Roy Grumman's masterpiece is the follow-on to the popular Hellcat. Also available is a conversion kit for "Rare Bear", one of the most famous Reno Racers.

F4U Corsair   The "Bent-Winged Bird" is one of the most iconic US Navy and Marine fighters in history. Also available is a conversion plan for the F2G-1 "Super Corsair".

P47 Thunderbolt   The "Jug" was one of the most important multi-role fighters to serve in the Army Air Force.  This highly accurate design includes both Razorback and Bubbletop versions.

F4F Wildcat   This outstanding design is a model of the stubby fighter that won immortality in the carrier battles of 1942 and in the skies over Guadalcanal.

A6M Zero   The Zero makes a great companion to the Wildcat.  Both are built to the same 1/14 scale, highlighting the small size of this iconic fighter.

CH-47 Chinook    My first helicopter design, this model of the classic tandem-rotor helicopter was featured in the Winter 2008 issue of Model Airplane News "RC Helicopter".

AH-56 Cheyenne  My latest helicopter design is a 450 size version of the Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne.  This design was featured in the December, 2011 issue of Model Aviation.

Downloads:  Information, file downloads and "how-to" files for electric flight. 

Power Options:  Some notes on high-performance power systems for Ryan Aircraft warbirds.

Photo Gallery:  Photos and background information on other aircraft in my collection. 

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